Hilsen Bjørnetann Campers,

We’re looking forward to seeing you at camp, the highlight of our summer, from July 9th through the 12th!  The theme for this year is Norwegian Mythology.

2020 ushers in our 18th camp year at our new camp site.

Past Campers returning after an extended absence will note a change in the classes. There are fewer classes and each class is a bit longer so projects can be completed during camp. Some of our members have also undertaken to learn new and different skills so the classes offered can be expanded.

New: This year we will be repeating Viking Knit and adding Arrow Making to our repertoire.

Campers are encouraged to decorate their cabin with the Norwegian theme for the cabin decoration contest. In addition to games and classes we will continue one activity we have enjoyed in the past that never grows old: discussing where your family migrated from in Norway and  why, as well as what traditions you brought with you.  Also, if you have any treasures handed down from that time bring them for show and tell.

Dan and Betty Rude also have many fun activities planned for the youngsters. So be sure to bring your imagination and enthusiasm.

In years past we’ve had tons of fun learning Norwegian Folk songs, dancing, and broadening our knowledge of Norwegian Heritage. Three square meals are offered during the camp and each meal is an event in and of itself as Norwegian Trivia is now part of the meal time activity. We also have Norsk songs to sing at each meal. Our meals typically include traditional Norwegian dishes and Saturday night a special table is set up with many different Norwegian Desserts.

Come join our Bjørnetann Family, socialize, explore, relax, learn new skills, or sharpen old ones. Weather permitting, we have a bonfire or some special cultural event on Friday night and Saturday Night is our traditional talent show, so if you have a special talent you’d like to share be sure to bring your tools, implements or whatever you may need and share with us what you can do.

Forms for registration and or more information can be found in Forms.

We all owe many thanks to instructors and campers alike for making it happen at the Bjørnetann Camp!  Bring your family and enjoy some good wholesome fun.

We all say “Tusen takk!” for joining us in learning Norwegian heritage and skills.

With his sword, Bjørn salutes you!

Bjørnetann Language & Cultural Camp Committee

Email: bjornetann.l.c.camp@gmail.com

(( bjornetann(dot) L (dot) c (dot) camp @ gmail (dot) com ))